The Uprising of Recho Rey

By: Nellie Sainvil

Recho Rey is an up and coming Multifaceted Hip Hop artist from Uganda. Recho was born Mirembe Recheal in Kireka, Uganda. She is the oldest of three girls. Recho began making music in late 2017 after having had interest in doing so for many years prior. She acquired her college degree after going to a private boarding school for primary education and Namboole High School for secondary. 

Rey was nominated as Female Artist of the Year for MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2021 amongst a plethora of amazing female artists such as Felista Di Superstar, Stone Age, and MC Yallah. Along with that accomplishment, Recho went on to win the Award that December. Her discography consists of over ten songs posted to her Youtube Channel with either a video, visualizer, performance, lyrics, or even a combination. Her latest single “Imagine Uganda” talks about how she perceives present day Uganda to be and what she hopes it becomes in the future. She speaks of a cleaner, safer, richer, and more united Uganda with no corruption, poverty, or hunger. 

Recho can range from being a rapper to singer in her songs but though she’s capable of doing both, she is notorious for her collaborations with other artists with similar artistic ambitions. She’s worked with artists like Fyno, Winnie Nwagi, and Mun G on some of her most diverse songs. She also adds variety to her songs with the visuals and music videos which often have bright color schemes and complex meanings and or storylines. 

Though Recho is a big celebrity in Uganda, she tries hard to remain humble and remember how she got to the success that she’s come to. Rey writes herself that her hobbies include, “composing music, hanging out with friends and watching basketball.” One of her core values seems to be to distinguish herself from the crowd while simultaneously becoming one with her audience and catering to the situations around her which is, in many ways, one of the best ways to enter an industry known to change your perception of self identity, Recho knows who she is and where she’s headed.

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