The Real MC: Mc Caro

Born on August 10, 1996 Caroline Moore, most commonly known as Mc Caro, was labeled as Liberia’s Best Female Rapper of the Year at the 2020 MTN Liberia Music Awards. This is ironic because 2020 was also her official breakout year with her singles Pull Up and Don’t ask Me as they were her top songs in 2020. This mogul’s success story starts in New Kru Town where Mc was raised by her parents Christiana T. Nagbe and Garpu Moore. After ending her college career early, Mc’s rapping career jump-started in 2018 when she released her first single Bring Back Our Moni which ended up going viral. This song took the world by storm as she hit on a very serious topic with rapping about issues of the current times. This was during the time two million dollar cargo shipments that were sent to Liberia and held Liberian money that soon disappeared. The President of Liberia had to take charge and ended up reducing the amount of the average local currency. The Liberian dollar was already losing value since 2017, so therefore the economy went through a major shift that affected Liberia’s people and their livelihoods. So, once Mc Caro came out with her song protesting the unjust acts Liberia had to go through, she took the hearts of the people in her country. They appreciated her for her patriotic stance but also realized she was truly an artist when it came to her rapping abilities and skills.  She then officially was signed to Smoov HQ Ent. in 2019 and has been working with them ever since. Today, MC has over ten singles and extended plays, two albums, and many appearances with other popular artists. She is still on her musical journey and definitely will continue with this track.

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