The First Lady Of Nigerian Hip Hop

Sasha P has many titles. She’s a business woman, lawyer, motivational speaker, musician, and most importantly a Nigerian female rapper. Sasha P is not just any female rapper, she is mostly known as the “The First Lady of Nigerian Hip Hop”. Born Anthonia Yetunde Alabi, Sasha was the youngest of eight children in her family. Her start in music began in Ibadan where she attended the International School Ibadan and later the University of Lagos where she received a bachelor’s degree in law. When Sasha ventured into the hip hop world there were very few female rappers in Nigeria, so “The First Lady of Nigerian Hip Hop” essentially paved the way for others to come. Sasha made a name for herself and has been one of the most prominent female artists in Nigeria ever since. She’s won local and international awards such as the UK’s “Best Female Artist” award in 2009 at the Women In Entertainment Awards and both the “Best Female Video” and “Best Cinematography” at the 2009 SoundCity Video Music Awards. She’s had numerous other accomplishments as well, being the first Nigerian female artists to perform at the World Music Video Awards in October 2008 and the first Nigerian female artists to win “Best Female Award” at MTV Africa Awards. She has had the opportunity to share the stage with numerous artist such as, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, Rihanna, Diddy, and a few others. Although, in 2013 “The First Lady of Nigerian Hip Hop” decided to step away from the industry to pursue her other career goals, it is safe to say that she has definitely left a lasting mark on the evolution of African hip hop.

Her song entitled Adara is what earned her the Best Female Artist Award at the Women In Entertainment Awards. The song talks about her struggles and anyone who struggles with the issues that come with trying to reach ones goals and dreams in life. The issue of self-doubt and outside opinions and influence is heavily addressed. This particular single is easily relateable to any gender, race, culture, religion, etc. It definitely gives reason for the songs international popularity.

Adara- Sasha

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