The Face of Senegal Hip Hop: Samba Peuzzi

As we embark on this new year, the Senegalese hip-hop scene is evolving in a positive light. It is so important to recognize the talented MCs who have come before who helped shape the Senegalese hip-hop scene into what it is today. It is just as important to recognize the young faces in the hip hop scene who continue to set the standard and influence the culture, in which Samba Peuzzi executes beautifully.

Dakar’s very own is simply the ‘it’ boy of hip hop. Point blank period! His FIRST debut album entitled “Senegalboy” is just a masterpiece. Despite his album being released in the terrible year of 2020, it is so uplifting, upbeat, and one of the greatest products that 2020 had to offer. From start, “Oulalalah” just gets you in the mood and elevates you into another dimension. His rap just has an amazing flow to where it is easy to follow and is absolutely satisfying to the ear. And let me just say, along with his rapping, he is a beautiful singer, which is so RARE to find among rappers. Along with that being said, what further sets Samba Peuzzi apart is his musicality in all of his songs. As I listen to track after track of “Senegalboy”, I feel as if I am in Senegal myself. The incorporation of traditional drums and beats in all of his songs are so astounding and lovely to me. Although I do not understand Wolof, I feel the pride and joy of his beloved country and that he pays homage to that. Samba Peuzzi is the heartbeat of Senegal.

As I anticipate another album, I am so overjoyed with Samba’s success and the love that is felt from his country. He is the sigh of relief and the change needed to the rap game because he brings a sense of traditional and new age in his music that is uplifting and positive. I am excited for the rest of his career and his influence on the hip hop culture.

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