The Emerging Young Talent from Botswana: Tay Boz

From Kasane, Botswana, 26 year old Mogomotsi “Tay Boz” Moshongo is the real deal. With a unique flow and lyricism that almost seems unparalleled, Tay Boz is one to look out for in the rap scene.

Influenced by rappers such as Busta Rhymes and Tech N9ne, Tay Boz spits hard and he spits fast. But there’s much more to his music. Outside of the quick delivery, there remains a certain consciousness in his lyrics and songs. One that is reminiscent of the profoundness that can be found in the music of J. Cole; one of his biggest influences.

I Always knew my Sh*t was good from the start
And Years Later dudes I idolized start giving their prop's
They kinda neutralized the lack of trust in my blood
The Real Recognized my art deserve to stay at the top

- A Gift, Intro

Since 2015, the gifted lyricist has worked relentlessly to put himself on the map. To-date, he has released three albums (Long Story, All or nothing, and A Gift and a Curse) and three EPs (The Storm, Road 2 Greatness, and High 5 Mixtape). In his latest album, titled “A Gift and a Curse,” Tay Boz showcases just how dynamic he is. On “A Gift, Intro,” he reflects on journey as talent as a young rapper, something which he has described as both a gift and a curse.

And on “Ruthless, Pt. 4,” he delivers a series of flow switches so eloquently that it almost leaves you speechless. But underneath, Tay Boz is also describing the anxiety and stress that comes with being an artist, the tremendous pressure from within one’s own family and society. Ruthless, indeed.

At the rate that he’s moving, Tay Boz is one to look out for. He’s out to get his and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon. Having released at least one project each year since he’s started, he is clearly among the hardest working artists in the profession. And with his talent and this level of determination, he’s one to watch with great interest. It’s only up from here.

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