The Bussi Chronicles

Feffe Bussi is an established and popular Ugandan hip hop artist who has won awards for being the best Hip Hop Artist in Uganda for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

For a bit of personal background, Feffe Bussi(a name that he got from trying to pronounce “raw jackfruit”, he called it feffe Bussi. [Jackfruit being ‘feffe’ instead of ‘fene’ and raw being ‘bussi’ instead of ‘mubisi’]) real name Mukiiza Frank, started out poor with his parents in Nakulabye – Nabulagala. Even at a young age, he has had a passion for music. This passion was so great that he even lied to his parents about attending his classes at Makerere University. He actually spent his time in studios around Makindye recording songs and working on his music career instead of being in class.

His dedication to his craft is very easily apparent in his most recent single with Karole Kasita.

EBYO BYOOLI, Feffe Bussi’s most recent song.

Personally, I think the song isn’t the greatest as the bars could have been more articulate and thought out, but some of them I had to have translated so this is with a grain of salt, but the inflections in his voice and the way he and Karole Kasita go back and forth on the beat show that he truly works hard to produce the particular sound that he and his audience enjoy. This song was actually leaked beforehand, which in most cases can be bad for an artist. Sometimes when songs are leaked they can build hype for its release and put new listeners on to the artist’s music, but then it leaves fans with an expected sound for the official release which can make or break the song’s performance. In some cases, it can turn an audience off to the song as they have already heard it and therefore lose interest in its actual release. However, his supporters in the comments also make it obvious that despite the leak, they support his music fully and he is grateful as he interacts with his community.

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Self-proclaimed “smallest rapper” Feffe Bussi and Karole Kasita a rising Ugandan Afro and Zouk based live artist.

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