Thami Lee- When it hits you feel no pain

I like how the artist Thami Lee tells a story about not only his everyday life but also those around him. The chorus says ” one thing bout music, when it hit you feel no pain,” this gives the listener the sense that his music is his only outlet of freedom. His outlet also keeps him secluded sometimes. His friends and family complain that he is isolated from them because he is always working on his music. He talks about having to take care of his son who is sick and the troubles he has with his wife. It is clear that he struggles with infidelity, but he also loves his wife so he is constantly conflicted.

He wants his music to inspire and make people want to push for what he considers success. He talks about living in a big house one day with multiple cars surrounding it. It is obvious that this form of a come up is important to him because his upbringing in South Africa. He doesn’t seem to encourage illegal activities in order to obtain success. He knows the dangers of gang banging and being in the streets. He says ” If you live fast you might jus die.”

I like the song because it is relatable but it still has somewhat of a message and that is to do what makes you feel purposeful while still taking care of those you love around you. I appreciate his love and dedication for the music he puts out. I can tell that he is serious about his lyricism as an artist.

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