Tanzania All Stars Pay Tribute to Magufuli

Lala Salama Magufuli pays a touching tribute to Former President John Magufuli after his sudden passing.

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Magufuli’s Death Shocks The Nation 

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Tanzania’s fifth president, John Magufuli, passed away on March 17, 2021. Magufuli served his first term from 2015 to 2020. He was then reelected in 2020 and soon passed away in 2021, in the midst of his second term. President Magufuli was the first Tanzanian president to die while in office, causing his death to leave a permanent mark on society. The country then went into a two week mourning period, in which people from across the nation would be able to pay respects to the President.  

Lala Salama Magufuli 

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Tanzania All Stars is a musical group curated by Wasafi Records featuring a variety of Tanzanian singers, rappers, etc. The group released the song shortly after Magufuli’s death on March 23, 2021. Lala Salama is a Swahili phrase meaning rest well, reflecting sincere wishes for Magufuli to rest in peace. Since it’s release, the music video has surpassed 11 million views on Youtube. The comment section consists of over 12,000 messages full of people’s touching testimonies, thoughts, and prayers for President Magufuli and his family. This song marks a key moment in Tanzania’s socio-cultural history, as they were the first to experience such a monumental death. The song truly captures the pain, heartache, and mourning that the Tanzanian community experienced after Magufuli’s passing. 

Touching Testimonies 

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Mbosso begins the song by saying, “Nalifuta chozi kushoto”, emphasizing how he wipes his tears in connection to the sadness of this death. Tears were shed not just by those closest to Magufuli, but rather from people across the nation.

Christina Shusho, Tanzanian gospel artist, then sings, “Baba umelala…Baba nenda wee, baba nenda wee” It is common in Tanzanian culture for people to refer to the President as Baba. It is a sign of respect and reflects the traditions of kinship that have lingered within the socio-cultural norms of Tanzanian culture. Many people today refer to the female President, Samia Suluu Hassan, as ‘Mama Samia’, to show their respect for her as leader of the nation. 

Christina Shusho then continues the song by singing, “Tulikupenda…Mungu kakupenda zaidi.” This line reflects how Tanzanians loved Magufuli, yet at this time God loved him more and ultimately called him home. It was very symbolic for the Tanzanian All Stars to include a gospel artist in this tribute. Many Tanzanian funerals and memorial services are deeply connected to the religious affiliation of the person who passed away. 

Another impactful lyric was expressed by Joel Lwaga when he sang, “Asante kwa kujenga Tanzania imara”. Here, the artist is expressing extreme gratitude to Magufuli for building a strong Tanzania. Magufuli was known for his various infrastructure projects including expansions airports, a flyover, roadwork projects, and much more. Magufuli kickstarted a rebuilding era in Tanzania that greatly impacted the quality of life and economic prosperity of the nation.

Powerful Music Video

The music video is curated in a touching and emotional way to mirror the sorrow surrounding Magufuli’s passing. The video is a mix of a traditional music video and tribute video, in which you can see videos of Magufuli’s memorial and funeral processions. In addition, you are able to see highlights of Magufuli’s interactions with Tanzanians during his time as President. This video provides a great reflection on Magufuli’s life, commitment to service, and the everlasting impact that his death will have on Tanzanians. 

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