Sultan- Traditional and modern fusion

Song: Kidi Gorane by Sultan feat Worry

A new era of Chadian hip hop emerged with the release of Sultan’s new song “Kidi Gorane”. Sultan a well established Tchadienne hip hop artist used this new song to combine two completely different cultures from Chads music Scene. Traditional music known commonly as nougara involves an individual beating a drum while speaking in a tribal language. This invokes a sense of moral in individuals and was used to prepare people for battle back in the day. In the version used by Sultan, the Gorane tribe which occupy many parts of North Chad was represented by their tribal language. The individual, Worry, is a popular figure among the Gorane due to his powerful voice. People pay large amounts of money to have him come and perform at weddings and social gatherings.

Sultan successfully took Worry’s powerful voice and incorporated into a hip hop song that was received extremely well by Chadian society. I can recall my first time hearing the song, I was amazed at the combination of traditional and hip hop music and instantly sought information about the song. While much of Chad’s music scene revolves around traditional methods of performance like nougara or live singing in Arabic, this song introduced something new. The song has managed to gain a lot of traction especially among young individuals who commonly use it as their song of choice in culture shows representing Chad. The song has also been played by people from tribes other than the Gourane which is very uncommon. In many cases families who are mixed can play other tribes music. Also the fact that Sultan is from the South and Worry a Gourane who are known to be extremely racist, arrogant and abusive to others managed to work on this song together. It bridged many aspects of society into a smooth flowing song.

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