Stormzy and his Crown

In 1993, Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr was born in London, England to a Ghanian mother. Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr eventually grew up to be one of Britain’s most successful hip-hop artists under his stage name Stormzy. Stormzy has been active in the hip-hop industry since 2010 and has recently released a new song called “Rainfall”. Stormzy is known for rapping over grime beats which a sub-genre of hip-hop that is specific to the United Kingdom. In his most recent album “Heavy is the Head”, Stormzy collaborated with other African artists like Burna Boy. Stormzy’s biggest inspirations for his music are his family and his faith.

In his music, Stormzy speaks about his upbringing and his “haters” wishing on his downfall. In the majority of his songs, Stormzy displays a confident and proud attitude. Stormzy also proudly represents his neighborhood Norwood, London. Repeatedly in his discography, he speaks about how proud he is of his culture and how much his mother motivates him. In his song “Crown” he recognizes his position in society and how he is regarded as the voice of the young Black youth in the UK. He reflects on the pressures he faces now with being successful and all the blessings he’s been given. Stormzy also uses his music to speak out against racism in the UK and politicians. In one of his most popular songs “Vossi Bop” he explicitly says “Fuck the government and fuck Boris.” In the 2018 Brit awards, Stormzy called out the Prime minister of Grenfell for neglecting people’s lives and the lack of aid money that was supposed to help rebuild the burnt-down building. Stormzy is also Christian and weaves messages about his faith and gives thanks to God all throughout his songs. In his song “Blinded By Your Grace Pt.2,” he clearly displays his faith.

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