“Stacks” by Phyno

Phyno (@phynofino) is a very popular Nigerian artist who has been in the industry since 2003. Not only is he a high-profile rapper, he is also a producer, singer, and songwriter. While I am freshly introduced to him and his sound as an American, I was taken aback by his use of the Igbo language in his older work. This is my first real exposure to a rapper and artist who uses other languages outside of English. However new to me, I believe it adds a lot more authenticity to his sound and his personal take on hip hop. But more importantly, it adds further representation for his community and I think a lot of people can respect the uniqueness of what he is doing.

As we dissect his track entitled “Stacks” where he is speaking in English not Igbo. The song itself gives very much a modernized and mainstream appeal that can have an easy cross-over ability. It has an extremely catchy hook where Phyno repeats the lyrics “stacking up, stacking up, talk my s** and back it up” referring to money and believing in what you have to offer. To me, this can easily be relatable to the younger generation because of the idea to chase the bag and go get what’s yours in the world. The beat is extremely complementary being high energy but also not overpowering to the lyrics. “Stacks” is a very clean and well-produced song that overall would trend and be relatable to any person listening. 

While watching the official music video that was released on October 29, 2021, it reiterates the premise of gaining money and living a lavish lifestyle. Which makes sense to have most of the scenes in the video located in a mansion. I believe this song and video hits the mark on what is mainly seen in modern-day hip hop. Referring to flaunting money and women in the music video while subtly showcasing designer brands. I personally, can say the song is a banger that more than likely gains a lot of radio play. As I scroll through the comments of the video, it is obvious that others believe the same.

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