Sounds of South Africa

Here we have a more Hip Hop sounding track from some of some of the most traditional sounding hip hop artists South Africa has to offer.  The Track “Baddest” explodes with a flavorful beat and hard hitting lyrics from AKA, Burna Boy, Khuli Chana & Yanga combining their talents for an almost cipher like collaboration. Everything about the glamorous video from the production quality, style of dress, flashy jewelry (gold bottoms) pays homage to the traditional look of hip hop.  As the track flows effortlessly from MC to MC neither of them lose the catchy rhythm or a beat. Africa has firmly planted itself in Hip Hop and songs like “baddest” deserve more attention in the States.

Toya Delazy brings her listeners a unique grungy pop synth sound with her 2011 track Pump it up. I immediately noticed a distinct difference in her overall sound influence as well as her instrumentation. Her fashion and music style is completely different as compared to AKA. She brings an alternative view of the music coming out of South Africa that deserves as much attention. And Although Toya’s style is completely different compared to AKA & company its more than equally as good and deserves as much praise. What she lacks in the rawness of a traditional hip hop MC Delazy makes up for in creativity as she effortlessly combines a myriad of different sounds and inspirations creating something distinctive and awe-worthy.  He sounds transport me to a time in the 90’s where all of the music coming out of the States was different in its own right. Everyone was attempting to find their own sound as they bravely experimented with new styles colors and sounds and I think Delazy has successfully and stylishly captured a decade of soul searching and experimentation in one track.

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