Sound Sultan

Amidst the explosive nature of Nigerian hip hop many MCs and artists spanning across the board of have emerged though only some have made it to mainstream Nigerian audiences and even fewer have tasted international recognition. There will be more on the less flashy, less American stars such as Proto, Blaise, and The Faculty. For now Sound Sultan will provide a good look at an artist combining both elements of Nigerian hip hop’s flashy big sellers with a socially conscious attitude and songs that show it. His song Mathematics is a multiple fold power punch that shows what oppressive conditions add up to and what resistance when resistance will multiply up to calling for brotherhood, objectivity, democracy, modification, accountability and solidarity with a genius tie to the traditional  BODMAS method for learning math. As for his ability to capture mainstream attention with a needed message, he teams up with Nigerian superstar M.i (Mr Incredible)  in the song “2010” which could be one of the most impactfull songs to recently come out of Nigeria that really explains the nature of the country and people without with hardly any electricty, who are in M.i’s words choked with hunger and poverty.



“Mother Land”

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