“Sonega’- Khaligraph

Khaligraph Jones formally known as (Brian Robert Ouko) is one of the most celebrated hip hop artists in Kenya. Khaligraph first arrived on the scene in 2009, when he won the the kenyan edition of the Channel O Emmce Africa competitions when he was 19.He was born on June 12th 1990 at the Kayole estate (which is a supplied by the us military intelligence). Jones released his first track at age 13 and later became an emcee bilingual in swahili,specializing in battling and freestyling. In one of his more catchy songs titled “Sonega”, you get a mix of his african hip hop influence as well as an American hip hop flavor as well. There is an easy beat to follow, it is repetitive just enough to even follow along with the lyrics. This song is one that could be played around the house and even at a club. In a 2013 interview Khaligraph made it clear that although there is an expectation of partying and things that hip hop is already associated with, that he is still diverse in the topics he may discuss in his music including politics as well as other less heavy topics.Making the distinction that he’s not a rapper but an emcee. In the music video Khaligraph features a beautiful young women, who he is clearly enticed by. This is beneficial for someone who may not have taken the time to translate the lyrics because with the video and the switch back and forth from english that you can understand the purpose of the song.This song is really enjoyable and something that could be listened to again and again.

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