Skepta: London raised with Nigerian roots

Skepta is a Nigerian rapper born in London. Although he built his fan base by london followers, Skepta hasn’t lost his roots to  Nigeria. Even more important he embraces his African roots and boasts his country to the rest of the of the world. For instance, this song was shot on the beautiful a coast of  Nigeria featuring Nigerian platinum artist, Wizkid. In the song he references his African identity and recognizes the wealth behind being African. “African man you see the jewels on my neck.” Another line in the song Skepta says “Give them the Shaku when I dance with the devil.” Shaku Shaku is a dance that was birthed in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. Not only does he recognize the importance of being an African artist but he gives recognition to the African artists before him that paved the way. In the  song he states he is the “young Fela Kuti, the return of the rebel.” Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician and activist who in a lot of his songs he advocated social change. Skepta loves being able to perform in Nigeria because all his family is there. He says it was a very emotional experience when he booked his first show in Nigeria. Families from his mom and Dad side both came to support. He states there were a lot of tears that night and there was no better feeling than being able to make your people proud. His song “too many man” is a hit in his hometown.  In addition, to putting Nigeria on a global level through his music, Skepta is very involved in the Nigerian community. He built a playground in Nigeria to encourage kids to stay healthy and get active. Skepta’s pride in his nationality and community service to Nigeria earned him the Chief title in his hometown city of Ijebu Ode, Ogun.

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