Sipho the Great – “Phanda More”

Sipho the Great is a 22 year old South African Rapper . I was browsing the web and came across his song Phanda More. So far this is one of the best songs I came across on the internet. Sipho the Gift raps about how he is now trying to make a better living situation for his self and his family. At the begging of the song he talks about how use to wear “Hand Me Downs” which are passed down clothes and now he proud to not be in them anymore. This is the reason why he keeps on grinding because he feels that success is never granted. His vision and his focus is too strong for anything to stop him or be in his way. I feel he is expressing his life story through this song to inspire other. Also he showing a sign a strength and to never give up what ever you have planned or have going for yourself. His main purpose or message in the song is that there is no easy way out of anything you want to do. If you want to accomplish your dreams you have to get up and chase them. He says he doesn’t come from money. He worked had to get to where he is at in his career so it would be shaming if you were to comparing anyone to him. This song should help innovate the youth or people in his age range to follow what ever it is they want to do and stick too because success will come.

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