Short Bio of MCK

Short bio of Angolan rapper MCK

I really enjoyed listening to the artist MCK. MCK expresses how he feels about where he comes from. In the article MCK: Lyrics of Resistance, Fernando Mitjans really demonstrates his input about MCK, he states “Born in Catambor, one of Luanda’s poorest areas, socially conscious rapper MCK has come to transform himself into an example for young Angolans, a symbol of talent and innovation and an international icon committed to exposing the difficulties faced by Angolan dissidents (Mijitans, F).” In other words, MCK comes from one of the poorest areas, but he is surely a young talented artist for expressing what all the Angolans have been dealing with, which is living in poverty.

One of his main songs that demonstrate his portrayal of his hometown is in the song “Atras do Prejuizo”. This song highlights what is really going on in the area where he lives and addresses criticism about the Angolan government. He makes rap music that allows the youth to really emphasize the music and understand what is going on with around them. There are many issues that are affecting the Angolans. Fernando claims “In “Atras do Prejuizo (Struggling with disadvantage), his first single, MCK denounces core problems of Angolan society such as unemployment, social insecurity, lack of education and opportunities from the eyes of a youth left without many opportunities (Mijitans, F).” Unfortunately, many of the young Angolans are struggling because of the poverty they have to deal with living in this poor area. By MCK rapping allows the youth to understand what is really going on around them.

The music video illustrates exactly what MCK is rapping about. The video shows young boys working and cleaning shoes, it also shows old men sewing, making clothes, and trying to make a living. There are also young children staring at each other with sad expressions that really demonstrate how they are feeling. This video is very touching because it’s sad how these individuals are living in such a poor area and can’t do anything about it. It is understandable why this young artist is trying to make others aware of the issues that are occurring right in front of their eyes. After watching MCK’s music video it is very inspiring for the youth to be aware of the social issues around them.

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