Shaybo: “Streets”

Laura Adegbite, known as Shaybo, is a rapper from Nigeria, was born October 5, 1996, and grew up in London. Her family moved from Nigeria to London when she was six years old. She started freestyling when she was 13 years old. Through music, she is able to express herself without any judgment. As a teen, she loved music but was viewed as unruly because of the trouble she used to get herself into. Her parents encouraged her to study and she graduated college with a Social Work degree. She used her degree to work with children as helping others is a passion of hers. Inevitably, she later went back to doing music because she realized that music was her ultimate passion.

 Shaybo looks up to other female rappers like Nicki Minaj. In her rap music, she pays homage to her Nigerian roots and her EP is titled “Queen of the South.” The title of her EP indicates that she is powerful—a queen. She is someone who has taken her talent and made a name for herself. She has appeared in Lil Kesh’s song “Downtown Girl” and DJ Spinall’s song, “Money.” She has been nominated for Best New-Comer at the MOBO awards. 

In her song, “Streets,” the beats are catchy and the video opens with her using braggadocio to portray her success. She states that she does not need a gangster because she is already a gangster. She also brings her Nigerian culture into her music by eating jollof rice and drinking Fanta, and raps that she orders jollof rice in “deluxe.”At 0:26, she says “you brought ten racks, I brought three hundred thousand.” This lyric and when she raps about spending “10 racks” on her wigs, portrays her success. She raps about having three phones and owning everything she posts on Instagram. Once again, she is using braggadocio to show that she works hard and won’t be diminished because she is a woman. Her music shows that she is a boss and it erases the narrative that women should be quiet, docile, and submissive, and that women should not rap. She is very proud of her work, and culture, and uses her art to speak to her listeners.

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