shane eagle: an artist of promise

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Shane Eagle, a 24-year-old South African rapper, has only been in the rap game for 6 years, but in those 6 years, he has shown true promise. The son of a Coloured mother and an Irish father, Eagle started rapping in High School. After Eagle’s first single in 2015, titled “Way Up,” his popularity and recognition began to grow. With a series of solidly crafted singles, he released his first album, titled “Yellow.” The album put his skills on display, showing listeners that he not only has smooth flows and slick production, he has something to say.

Unlike some of the most popular rappers in the United States like Lil Uzi Vert and Megan Thee Stallion, Eagle doesn’t just use his voice to make trap bangers and party anthems, he has created a pool of music, perfectly encapsulating his life while also speaking on serious issues like poverty and racism. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have songs created purely for entertainment, songs like “Ride Dolo – What You Wanna Be” offer a dirty love ballad with laidback production and a sleepy confidence in Eagle’s voice. Songs like “Chocolate Milk,” however, are reminiscent of MF DOOM in production and lyrical quality. It’s songs like this that put a face to the artists, painting a picture of his hardworking mother, impoverished past, and his come-up. It’s inspiring and lyrically poignant.

It’s clear that Shane Eagle is just getting started. With only 1 album released, a mixtape, and an EP, he has room to grow and to hone his skills, skills that are, as I have said before, already top-tier. It’s difficult to see how someone so talented can get any better, but time is on his side. It has been 4 years since his first album release, and Eagle seems to be hinting at something new. Shane Eagle is an artist to keep an eye on, we never know where he’ll go artistically.

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