Senegalese and Ghanaian Hip Hop Artists

Keur Gui Senegal and Kokayi “Nothing to Prove” is an example of the social reform in Senegal, and how Hip Hop artists used their platforms to bring attention to this reform. In the first verse of the song he says ” Straight out the ghetto, our raps are nor for the sons of the upper class instead we spit medicine for those in real need. I think that this verse speaks directly to this theme of social reform, and specifies a group of people that they are hoping to resonate with. In terms of the visuals I think that the video is an example of “Doing it for the culture” which to me means putting on for where your from. Rather than an overly commercialized video with fancy clothes, and cars, and women it is kept simple and features them in all Black can represent strength, and solidarity as well as what looks to be excerpts from a concert, or some type of celebration that bought everyone together. The lack of extreme commercialization speaks to the authenticity of the message and the video combined, as well as the authenticity of hip hop in Senegal which may have been inspired by the progression of social reform their. The delivery was very raw, and the beat was simple so it did not drown out the actual lyrics. The fact that they are rapping in their native language also speaks to the idea of “doing it for the culture” and developing in your craft while staying true to your culture.

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