Seeing on a See Level- African Representation by British/Congolese Rapper Backroad Gee on His Song See Level ft. Olamide

Backroad Gee, a UK artist from the sides of Congo performed the afrobeat inspired song of See Level featuring Nigerian national artists Olamide. In this song and music video, Backroad Gee and Olamide find themselves immersed in African art and backgrounds. From makeup and hair to dance moves and locations, this music video screams African culture. At 23 years old, Backroad Gee, whose real name has never been revealed, has made a name for himself in the UK music scene. With features from Olamide to his fellow London artists such as NSG, Ms. Banks and Pa Salieu, the London MC has made it big within his own community and Africa since his debut in 2019. 

The song See Level off his new album Reporting Live, he goes back to his African roots. Shooting in West Africa, the music video brings nostalgia for its target audience of other Africans in the continent and in the diaspora. Dances that are clearly of African descent reign throughout the music video as well as hair styles and tribal makeup and markings. The music video goes as far as adding African inspired outfits to the song. This is really important in furthering African culture and influence especially within the UK because many of the people who know about and listen to Backroad Gee are people living in the UK and the outreach of the song is likely to reach other people outside the African diaspora in the country.

Backroad Gee is also famous for using amazing samples in his music. In Nyege Lewa on his album featuring Ms. Banks uses the famous African song of Premier Gaou as a sample for the beat. This song is a symbol of African music in which almost every African regardless of their country or origin knows this song. Backroad Gee has done an amazing job of incorporating his UK culture with his African culture to further the impact of African sounds in the drill scene of the UK island.

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