Sarkodie: The Push Away From Evils

In today’s hip hop, evidently worldwide, the idea of an ‘illuminati’ that seeks to control Planet Earth by sustaining economic, political, and military power [along with other things]. In the major entertainment business, many artist separate themselves from the conspiracy. Michael Mwusu Adou (aka Sarkodie) was born in Tema, Ghana, on the southern shore of the country. In a city with 100,00+ citizens, a booming fishing industry, and hip hop’s popularity in west Africa, the middle-class lifestyle allowed Sarkodie to consciously guide himself through a successful path. His charisma for releasing “Illuminati”, telling his fans [and critics] that although an artist is making big money–their success came without any participation in cults. The success has certainly branched outside of the hip hop industry: with his clothing line Sar by Yas, a non-profit organization The Sardokie Foundation which helps African orphans, brand ambassador for Samsung Electronics. His work goes on. In the song he expresses his dismemberment with lines like “me I think its funny ’cause I keep on making money” (Illuminati, 1st Verse). In the second verse Sarkodie says “The Lord is my Shepard”. His net worth stand at the top ten wealthiest African artist according to the Forbes. Just like American audience, an artists’ certain lifestyle automatically mean [to the audience] that the artist has entered  a new realm. However, for some artist, really hard work and successful branding, especially marketing scheming like Jay Z, Kanye, P Diddy, Dj Khaled–American hip hop moguls we question. This song expresses a strong message and also keeps Sarkodie down that successful pat, pushing away from the evils. Check out Sarkodie’s “Illuminati” shot by Phamous Philms.



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Directed by GYO, Phamous Philms © 2013

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