Sarkodie “Illuminate”

For my third blog i decided on a song called “Illuminate” by Sarkodie.  The title on the song was what really captured my interest so I decided to give it a listen. I had to translate some parts of the video to understand what he was talking about as he was rapping in Twi language. In the lyrics of the song, Sarkodie denied accusations of him being a member or fan of the illuminati society. I feel however that he really used this song in order to gain hype and attract peoples interest about the song just like it had grabbed mine when searching for a song to write this blog about. Just like a lot of other African artist they do not get the same recognition as artist in America. In one part of the song he says the lyrics na monks mas3m eFris3 na me ne bi 3nd3 cash aba nti,mob3 fr3 me illuminati. I had to get it translated but from what I understand the lyrics were talking about how he felt he wasn’t regarded when he was struggling for success in the rap game and the perception that people have about him as being apart of the Illuminati, ever since he became successful.  The video portrayed Sarkodie in a desert driving a flashy car and bags filled with diamonds with some men covered in turbans ( maybe his idea of what one members in the illuminate look like) portraying how rich you can be, if you are a members of the society. This song sparked a lot of controversy and made Sarkodie a nominee in the BET Best African Art category, which he lost to David. The song Illuminati also helped Sarkodie to bring home the Best African Hip Hop artist Award and was nominated in the most gifted Video category of the Channelo Award.

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