Riky Rick- Boss Zonke

Rikhado Makhado, also known as “Riky Rick” is twenty years old, and is a new face to the hip hop industry. He is a south African artist who also produces music, and is signed to his own record label and company “Makhado Makhado Agency”. Riky Rick basically is the whole package, he does most of the production for his music, minimizing cost that has to be paid. I applaud this kind of do it yourself mentality that he has, because as he grows larger he will be the main one to profit off of his efforts since he has his own label. One of his most popular tracks is “Boss Zonke” which has nearly a million views on youtube. In this song he shows his versatility and ability to rap many different ways over a lively beat.

This song starts off with native sounds and language, and he comes out rapping in English saying “everything I do they want to do, everything I say they want to say.” This is a common claim we see in hip hop, that people are stealing their styles and flows. Many artists are egotistical in claiming that people are trying to be like them, but often times we do see artist copy others and run with it as their own. This video shows many different locations throughout Africa, and it is interesting to see how areas differ. Some are mostly trees and land, whereas other locations are more urban. He speaks his language mostly in the track, but this is a song that will definitely get people’s head moving to the beat. Riky Rick is good at making music that appeals to the people. He will be very successful if he continues with the path that he is on.

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