RESPECT HER “Akberat”- Nina Girma

Nina Girma is a female artist in Ethiopia who has had many features on popular songs. Her popularity has been rising recently as she featured on “Yetale Aleqa” with Yared Negu in 2019 which reached over 2 million views on Youtube. She has performed on Seifu on EBS which could be considered as an equivalent to a Jimmy Kimmel in Ethiopia and she has had a couple of live performances. Hip Hop being very uncommon in Ethiopia, Nina Girma is setting history by not only being a Hip Hop artist but also being a woman in the music industry. 

Nina Girma’s new song “Akberat” was released in June of 2020 and has grown attention since the release. “Akeberat” speaks upon the common struggle women may have with men. She begins by telling a story about a woman who is in a relationship with a man who doesn’t have much concern for her and leaves her. The woman is going through a tough time in her life where she feels that she needs someone there for her to give her advice and just someone to lean on while she can’t stand on her own. Nina Girma emphasizes how the man didn’t even have concern for her and didn’t bother asking her what’s on her mind instead of consoling her he leaves her. Nina discusses how it’s a common issue for women to experience a disrespectful man the chorus says “Akberat” which is also the name of her song which means respect her. She highlights that women are frequently mistreated and disregard by men our problems and concerns can be gaslighted or pushed to the side.

Although, Nina Girma only discusses the story of one older woman it laid a foundation for many women to relate to. Whether these women related to it in a romantic relationship, friendship, family, society, or politically it ignited a common struggle within women. This issue goes beyond Ethiopian women, women all over the world have these conflicts we’re still continuously working to have our voices heard and included.

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