Remember to stay “Humlidadi”

For this blog post, I will be discussing Apollo G’s Humildadi. Humildadi features 3 other upcoming hip-hop artists; (Ze Bula, Ferry, and D Raw Na Mike). Apollo G mainly raps the chorus in Cape Verdean Portuguese, but the other 3 artists rap mainly rap in Portuguese. For the majority of the music video, Apollo G and the other artists featured are in the hood to showcase their humble beginnings. This aligns with the main message of the song which is about how he came up. In the video, you can see the rappers with their families and the conditions in which they lived in. To further portray the message, they also show where they are now and how there is now a group or small community of Cape Verdean hip-hop artists working together to make it. In the verse by Ferry, he sends the message that life is hard and has its moments where it sucks, but as he says that “only with rain, the rose is born.” Overall the message of the song does not only tell of their come up but as well as telling listeners that there will be hard times in life and that those are the ones that make you.

In terms of the video itself, the way that it was filmed was pretty simple. There is not a lot of flashy elements nor are there a lot of elements of hip hop that show in the video. Something I did notice among most of the people in the video is their tattoos and the way that they wore their clothes. While watching the video, I recognized a lot of items of clothing that were popularized because of hip-hop culture. Even the way that they wore their fitted hats to the side and sagged their pants show the hip-hop influence.  Even though the music video is not extravagant, the way that the rappers move to the music and the way that the video was shot shows heavy American influence. 

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