Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow is a twenty-four year old Hip Hop artist from Ireland. With a Nigerian father and Irish-Jamaican mother, Snow grew up in Dublin with a double education of the culture, both from the Diaspora and from the Motherland. He released his first EP, “Rejovich,” in June 2013 and it immediately topped the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. One of his tracks, “1992,” went on to surpass one million YouTube views, along with the previously released song, “Lost in Empathy.” In June 2015, Snow released his official debut single, “All Around the World.” The video, featuring Lily-Rose Depp, was played five hundred thousand times in its first week. In 2016, Snow signed with 300 Entertainment, with good reason. With a short, but impressive list of accolades in his pocket, and a recent album produced by grammy award- winning producer Rahki, Rejjie Snow has the potential to add a notable new sound to the rap game.


In Rejjie Snow’s song, “Spaceships,” verse one talks about the fast pace life he lives in. This is a common lifestyle among artists living in westernized countries and those in the Diaspora. As an Irish native, the city is not an unfamiliar scene, and can tend to house all dynamics of life’s extremes. When he says, “I kept love and guns, I went deeper / I loved hoes and drink, she loved sneakers / A little bit of you I’m swimming in / A little bit of love unravelin,” he lets us understand that money, sex, liquor, and guns are all a part of the culture.

His second verse explains his struggle to love and how the difference between the way he thinks as opposed to how others think, specifically those he finds interest in, drives him crazy. We see this theme in many hip hop songs across both lands.

Hip to social trends, Rejjie Snow continues to combine both cultures with style and bars.




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