Rap’s Sweetheart is Ready to Introduce Herself

Aminata “Nata” Bangura was born in The Bronx, New York however, she is a first-generation Sierra Leonean. In June of 2020, she released “Finally: The Movie.” This particular video contains three songs played back to back. Within these songs, is ‘Introduce Myself’ which gives you just about everything you need to know to understand who the “Rap’s Sweetheart” really is.

From a young age, Nata knew she had natural raw talent. Starting around the young age of seven, she was always involved in the creative arts. From singing in school choirs, performing on dance teams, and independently writing poetry, she was destined to be great. Nata was influenced by much older hip-hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Diggable Planets, Common, and more. Towards the end of her last year of college, is when her career in rhymes started. Around. this time, Nata switched from writing poetry to writing hip-hop music influenced by her favorite artists. Additionally, she was not only influenced by male hip-hop artists but as well as female artists such as Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill. This explains the similarities in style and vibe she gives off compared to these artists.

“Introduce Myself” is Nata’s introduction to who she is and what she is about. Within this song, she tells the true story of who she is, what she is for, and how she is nothing like anyone you have seen she gives off a chill vibe with her rhythm but is confident of who she is in her lyrics. The visuals within her music video are just as interesting as the music. She shows shots of her hometown and what it is like to be her. She is all about women’s empowerment and knows she is a prominent role model that is looked up to by the younger generations. During the song, she talks about the fact that people as her who she wants to be or whose position does she want to take, and she responds with she is a new chapter. “Introduce Myself” and other work written by Nata is exactly what Hip Hop needs.

“Introduce Myself” and the rest of her release is the key to the rival of modern hip hop, especially for female artists trying to make their mark.

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