Poe – Koyewon

Nigerian rapper, Poe is one of the most impressive rappers to come up in the recent years. His influential rhymes and flow leaves many people to think that he is more than just a rapper. Poe is often mistaken for a philosopher when people first come in contact with him, but surprisingly he did not start creating music until he was college. When he first started rapping he did not rap his own rhymes, instead he would practice rapping other songs to work on his flow. By doing so, he was able to master his world-play and imagination. The fundamentals of rap became his strong suit and from their he began to put together his now known music; one of those songs being “Koyewon.”

Although this is one of his most known songs, Poe felt that the song did not get the recognition it deserved. In his hometown of Lagos, “Koyewon” was fully embraced and was played through the whole city. On another hand, throughout the greater part of Nigeria the song was not getting any more major airplay. When “Koyewon”is played on the stations it receives great views and request. Because he was unhappy when with his music career, he redesigned his whole team and started with a new label. With hope of gaining a new audience and perfecting his craft, he has his team working diligently. Poe wants to continue rapping in his native language, Igbo, and crossing over into the english language. With his new label, he is expected to make more noise in the music industry.

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