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Phyno (Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson) Nigerian Rapper and Producer

Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson better known as Phyno, is one of the most prominent rappers and producers in Nigeria at this point in time. After releasing numerous number one hits such as: Ghost Mode, Man of the Year, O set, etc., he has made his mark in Nigerian rap history.

In 2003, Phyno started his career in the music business as a struggling producer but with encouragement from his music industry friends, he quickly got behind the mic and spit well known rhymes. The Igbo rapper has been featured with many of his rap counterparts and has an act for standing out on any track that he is on. With his recent win over the Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie the beast, there is no doubt that his the best rapper right now.

The rapper admits that his love for music started in secondary school where he began playing the drums, piano and other instruments; the influence is apparent in his song Connect. 

Music video for Phyno’s track, Connect.

Much like most artist from Africa, the use of instruments is an intricate part of Phyno’s music. With his background being heavily diverse, his music displays many music stylings that are not just limited to his home country, Nigeria. In the video the sense of camaraderie is seen with the appearance of his brother Olamide, Nigerian artist Skuki and others Nigerian artistes. This shows how well Phyno is respected and his youtube comments show how much he is loved.

Although most of his songs are spoken in Igbo, the emotion can always be felt. His visuals and use of imagery allows any audience to get the message. In this song he talks about the progress he has made in his life. Despite the people in his life doubting him, he has made an amazing life for himself. His connection with God has allowed him to overcome all odds and make a better life for him and his family.

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