Pee Froiss

Hailing Senegal as one of the most well known and established hip hop acts around, Pee Froiss started in 1993 and continue to play for an international audience. They rap in Wolof, French and English and address many political and religious issues. The group consists of Xuman, Kool Kocc 6, DJ Gee Bayss and have also named a female emcee to the crew named Sista Joyce. It doesnt appear that they have released anything since 2003 but the group may still be at it. From their myspace the group claim to speak of “moral guides for a disaffected youth torn between the traditions of their forefathers and the global currency of MTV and fast food. In a country where the politicians line their pockets while the poor go hungry, the messages that Pee Froiss deliver speak with an urgency that only a handful of rappers can muster.”

“No More”
“Wala Wala Bokk” Ft Positive Black Soul
“Lara bi Laran”
Live Performance

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