Coming from Dakar, Senegal, is the young Omzo who has been rhyming since the age of 14 from deep within the ghetto of Dakar learning through experience what he raps about in all of his hard hitting albums that still have a smooth, laid back style to them. He made a name for himself on the underground scene in Dakar and eventually began to tour throughout Senegal. He speaks from a place that the people can relate to and delivers a message about life, in the street, with all of its major issues, crime, politics, money, religion. According to his website upon his release of “POLITICHIEN” “(Political Dogs)”(Fitna Prod) , “With this compilation Omzo was propelled into nationwide popularity with his legendary track “Kunu Abal Ay Beut” (The Hand That Leads is the Hand that Rules). The song was a scathing attack on corrupt leaders, the IMF and the World Bank and demanded Senegal’s leaders to take responsibility for their actions. The song was one of the first hip-hop tracks in Senegal to be embraced by both the young and old alike and was said to have had a direct influence on the elections in Dakar in 2000.”

Many newer songs
Few songs on myspace
“Dakar Buntu Afriq”
“Goor Yombul”
Check out his and other contributions to the album  “African Underground – Depths of Dakar”

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