Omah Lay’s “Bad Influence” (2020)

by Isaac Yoo

Nigerian Artist, Stanley Omah Didia, known plainly as “Omah Lay” has asserted his ground in the genre of Hip-Hop and R&B. His smooth, soulful, yet lyrically gut wrenching track, “Bad Influence” dropped back in February of 2020. Over a sad groovy-esque beat, we hear Omah Lay laying his heart out presumably over a lover who swiped his heart. As the beat flows for two and a half minutes, we are nostalgic of our past lovers; Omah’s way of lyricism and story telling in “Bad Influence” gives off Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” vibes – a track many of us hold dearly to our heart when we’re in our feels. The mood that Omah Lay sets over this song is that dancing-in-an-empty-club type vibe, and it is certainly a feel that fans dig.

A rising talent in the Hip-Hop game, Omar Lay is gaining traction not only in the continent, but globally as well. His rhymes are genuine, his beats are catchy, and his talent is indispensable. While there are many things that are disheartening: politics, poverty, illness, Omar asserts that there is nothing more soul tearing than a Bad Influence. This track is a call for help, “See what you did to me. God Save me Please.” It takes us inside the headspace of the artist – one that is feeling pain, sorrow, and anger. And we can feel it too. But, just like how Drake does, Omar Lay makes us want to dance and bop our heads to it.

Youtube: Omah Lay


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