Obibini: Putting Ghanaian Hip-Hop on the map

October 23rd was the day David Kwaku Effum Boafo was born and he later adopted the stage name Obibini which is an acronym for “Obviously Black Is Beautiful Infinite & Naturally Inspiring”, which just makes his name even more unique. Obibini is making great strides in trying to make a name for himself on the Ghana hip-hop scene, but before he was famous he started out singing in his room and writing his own songs. He even joined a small group of other artists called Ill Deadly Ministers (IDM) where he honed his lyrical skills and style.

He combines his native tongue (Twi) with English in all of his songs to help widen his audience base but also keep his Ghanaian roots strong. One of his most recent songs is called “Get a life” where he talks about his success in life and how his haters do not want him to succeed so they need to “Get a life” and stop worrying about his because he worked so hard to get where he is now.

Writing your own lyrics which is something Obibini prides himself on is such a big flex. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it, so watching someone do it so effortlessly and so well really puts into perspective how much time and effort he puts into his craft, and he just happens to be so good at it that he got a following and fans that can’t wait for him to produce more music. His story starts out not that much different from everyone else, but the things he chose to work hard on put him on a pedestal. It shows that with hard work and determination you can make your dreams come true and make your story heard

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