NO STRESS ZONE! Tehn Diamond

Tehn DiamondZimbabwe has a jewel in the game and that jewel is better known as  Tehn Diamond.  Tehn Diamond is a is a Zimbabwean hip hop rapper, singer and song writer from Harare, Zimbabwe. His artistry and lyrics focus on who he is and his thoughts.  Listening to this rapper and song writer and watching his videos you always can relate to what he is speaking about and it is current and up to date.

In his recent video and song “No Stress” You see Tehn Diamond basically taking a break and just enjoying himself without the problems of the world. In the video you see him enjoying a game of golf with his friend and featured artist Thiawanda Thai. After they enjoy this game end are relaxing and then are off to the night life with beautiful women at a club.  In his lyrics he says

“Plus takanyanya like that in fact
Tisu tega tine touch
It’s why all the mamis out the bass line mash upon us
Wanna touch, wanna crush upon us, trust
And yeah we pouring, yeah, yeah we pouring
Put out a lot of grind and make the money pour in
Poor them they were hating though
On the other side now they waiting though
For their better halves to run it and grab some autographs
On these other cats who was putting work in
Oh my Lord we deserve this
So the drinks are flowing on purpose

Basically what he is saying is we deserve this because we put in the time and the grind. Let everyone hate who hated on us get what they deserve. We are just living with no stress and enjoying life.

Looking at Mr. Diamond music “No Stress”.  You see that it ties in with the hip hop culture here in the United States and overall. The lifestyle of money on our mind and  grinding leads to ending with nothing to stress about because we worked for it is very fluent in this song.

Diamonds song also made me think of artist here in the U.S that I could see on the track with him such as T.Pain, or Akon with there artistry and styles. I am actually a new fan of his work and will continue to follow Tehn Diamond.  Stay tuned to this artist and check out “NO STRESS” in the link above.

Make sure you follow Tehn Diamond on his social media at @iamTEHN

For More Behind The Scenes Of “No Stress” Check Link Below:

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