Imagine, your sitting in high school and you start putting your thoughts into raps in your school note book. You have been a fan of

The Prince Of The South

  We see all the time in the United States artist claim there titles. You got the King of New York or The Queen of

Switching The Game Up….Trae Yung

Trae Yung is a female rapper/mc who hails from Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare. This Female MC is not one to be reckon with. Her rap

AWA on the RISE

 Hip Hop in Zimbabwe draws inspiration from the East Coast of America. Similar to the East Coast, Zimbabwe’s hip hop scene has seen the rise

NO STRESS ZONE! Tehn Diamond

Zimbabwe has a jewel in the game and that jewel is better known as  Tehn Diamond.  Tehn Diamond is a is a Zimbabwean hip hop rapper, singer and