Imagine, your sitting in high school and you start putting your thoughts into
raps in your school note book. You have been a fan of hiphop since you got
introduced to the culture in your childhood. Listening to Tupac Shakur and being inspired by him. Well thats what  hip hop star Synik was doing before his break into the industry.  Born Gerald Mugwenhi on November 7 1983. Synik has made a major noise in the hip hop community in Zimbabwe and world wide. Continue reading “WHO IS SYNIK?”

The Prince Of The South



We see all the time in the United States artist claim there titles. You got the King of New York or The Queen of Rap, but meet the Prince of South African Rap. Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known by his stage name AKA. AKA is a South African hip hop recording artist and record producer. Continue reading “The Prince Of The South”

Switching The Game Up….Trae Yung

Trae Yung is a female rapper/mc who hails from Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare. This Female MC is not one to be reckon with. Her rap  is about everything,life issues such as the problems people face everyday. She doesn’t just rap about life problems but about love,street life,just life in general. Continue reading “Switching The Game Up….Trae Yung”

AWA on the RISE

Zimba Hip Hop in Zimbabwe draws inspiration from the East Coast of America. Similar to the East Coast, Zimbabwe’s hip hop scene has seen the rise of female artists that have diversified the sounds of the industry.

Awa is a name that is on the rise in female Zimbabwe Hip Hop. This female rapper represents who and what she has been through even including her name goes along with that. Awa which is a acronym for African Women Arise, reflects her aim to improve women’s rights in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a country where two-thirds of females report having experienced some type of gender discrimination. Individuals imagine that rapping is for young men, however she address issues that influence ladies in the public arena, similar to aggressive behavior at home, adolescent pregnancy, assault, prostitution. Continue reading “AWA on the RISE”

NO STRESS ZONE! Tehn Diamond

Tehn DiamondZimbabwe has a jewel in the game and that jewel is better known as  Tehn Diamond.  Tehn Diamond is a is a Zimbabwean hip hop rapper, singer and song writer from Harare, Zimbabwe. Continue reading “NO STRESS ZONE! Tehn Diamond”