Vector Tha Viper is a Nigerian rapper born and raised in Lagos. I describe Vector’s artistry as well-crafted. He pays close attention to the detail in his storytelling while making political statements in his rhymes. None of his music videos are the same- each of them portrays a different message representing his culture and artistry. His latest album, Crossroads (2020), shows his perspective of the world post-corona, navigates the injustices around him, and possible solutions to the current issues faced in Nigeria. “No Peace,” the first song on his most recent release, fully captures Crossroads’ mood and feel.

The music video for “No Peace” is a perfect example of Vector’s ability to combine detail and imagery in his unique storytelling. The video begins with images of anger and frustration due to injustice, a feeling that is very familiar to the African and the Black community. One of his beginning lines is:

“You can’t confirm the gist until you know me e yeah/Don’t you see you’re living like a zombie”


This statement reflects the mindless reactions and opinions about politics surrounding the virus, SARS, and the civil unrest around the world. A moment in this video that captures these emotions is his choice to have men fighting each other blindfolded, which symbolized disorder that prevented them from really hearing each other, therefore “living like a zombie” (Vector) and following instead of taking the time to listen and lead; a recurrent theme in this video.

We see different situations where Vector witnesses injustice or miseducation, and he separates himself from the crowd by emphasizing the need for world peace. Another moment in this music video that stood out was when two “SCARS” officers arrested a young boy and took all of his jewelry and chains to wear for themselves. Watching it back, I realized how disgusting and unjust, The Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, treats citizens in Nigeria as well as the irony in their behavior. “No Peace,” means that until Nigerians see real justice that is immediate, there will be no peace; and that the ultimate goal, in the end, is world peace. I highly suggest anyone who is interested in learning more about the civic unrest in Nigeria or who enjoys watching art with powerful political statements to watch Vector Tha Viper’s music video for “No Peace.”

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