Nneka Egbuna was born in Warri, Oil City in the country of Nigeria, Africa where she lived for nineteen years, absorbing the sounds and music of her country.  She then moved to Germany to pursue an education and a degree in anthropology from the University of Hamburg.  Her musical style ranges from tear jerking soul singing, to free style rapping.  Her debut album was released in 2007 titled Victim of Truth and was a mixture of “black consciousness and 21st century soul.”  The second album she released was No Longer at Ease and then she released a collection of songs called Concrete Jungle, which focused on giving hope to the people in Warri and the Niger Delta in Nigeria.  Nneka is a hip hop artist with courage as she demonstrated with her song “Africans”, in which Nneka tells her people to stop blaming colonialism for their problems and take responsibility for themselves.  She performed this song and others like it to sold out shows while touring in Nigeria, a country under strict military rule.


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