Nikki Mbishi: #999

Tanzania rapper Nikki Mbishi has a very extensive discography. One of his latest projects #999, which came out in 2021, speaks about the issue of gang violence and the need to make a change in his community.

He begins the song describing what seems to be his primary community. He then goes on to say the lyrics, 

“ Squad, No retreat no surrender,

Party and Mogella all-day street madefender,

Snitch bad intender,

Please let me breathe first and see the sea breeze at Kiwengwa Beach,” 

This is referring to the everyday gang violence that happens in that city. Squad or gang no retreat no surrender, because once you’re in you are with them forever and be a “ride or die” hence the “no surrender”. He says please let me breathe as if he wants to stop the violence so everything can be serene like a beach. He then continues on to say, 

“Montana PAPERS on bags and scammers,

More drama and Obama’s motorcade,

And not just Konde Gang,”

Which directly implies the gang violence or “street life” in his community. Even though he states there are even more problems on a presidential level. He conveniences people in power or in the community to empower the children. Instead of making them feel like being good is bad and they have to continue being in the street. He warns the children “you don’t know the cost of fame” which I presume refers to all of the negativity that comes with that lifestyle aside from the flashy cars, money, etc that is presented in the media. He also tells his listeners to be aware of there what they are consuming in regards to technology. 

“Be careful what you want, understand what you are listening to,

We’re out of analogy now we’re digital,”

The media is misleading and he doesn’t want his audience to fall into the trap of believing everything being posted is glitz and glam.  Mbishi strives to,” Change the Idea [he is] still the same G,” Leaving us with the idea that he is willing to make a change but still be his genuine self and accept his life around him. 

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