Nigeria’s Ex’o Releases New Album, The Wake

The long anticipated Hiphop album of 2019 “The Wake” finally hits the digital stores from Saturday September 28th. Ex’O who has been instrumental to the musical success of many Nigerian artist in the Nigerian music industry space finally releases his body of work. The Wake is a socio-conscious throwback Hiphop album. With music styles reminiscent of the early New york Hiphop of the 90’s. Maybe primarily because Ex’Os musical influences are coincidentally from that era, but in all it’s a breath taking break, away from the norm. The album features Hiphop icons such as Terrytherapman, Psalmurai, Lughz and foremost spoken word artist REZthaPoet. Other vocal presence are from Female soloists “Oreva” and an excerpts from “Omani Yeshitela” an iconic Pan African activist of the popular Uhuru movement.

The eleven track album sums your listening time to 38mins, which is somewhat deliberate due to the obvious short attention span of people these days. Regardless lovers of great music will find this album socio-politically conscious but yet entertaining. Producers on the entire project are Dj Diaze and Ex’O.

The Wake is a true life story of the struggles of a young aspiring talent craftily rendered to inspire and encourage others. Listen and enjoy Ex’Os “The Wake”.

Discover “The Wake” by Ex’O on Deezer.

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