Nigerian Girls

The song I decided to do for my blog is called Nigerian Girls by Mode 9. Watching the video reminded me of several American rap videos around the 2000 era where they would degrade women in music videos. However I feel like Mode 9 sort of downplayed it in a way. Basically the song starts off with Mode 9 talking about a girl from Lagos he used to talk to that complained about him being dry and he never got her Pringles but he wanted to jump her because she made him miss a goal, probably watching soccer on tv. He goes on to say “My ex-chick was Igbo, Why you let her go, She was fine but like big and Jay-Z, she loved the dough”. In another part of the song he says “Beware, Edo girls are hard like gravel told one I was born abroad and I will soon travel, you must marry me she said with a gun to my navel. He has a lot of problems with these girls from Nigeria as stated in the song. However in the chorus he says “no matter where you from, no matter who you be, you gotta love Nigerian Girls”. Its like he has a love hate relationship with women from Nigeria. In his eyes he sees them as money grabbers who just want to have fun drinking and partying who can sometimes be aggressive and annoying which he is not a big fan of. Yet he will always love them.

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