Nasty C Ft. Davido, Cassper Nyovest – juice back remix

South African Rapper Nasty C born name David Junior Ngcobo draws attention with his single “Juice Back”. He does a remix with Cassper Nyovest and Davido to the song. In the song Nasty C raps about how he got his Juice back. Juice is a term referring to Respect and credibility on the street. So in the song when the Hook is played he says “I done got my motherfu***** Juice back” but to me it sound like he is using it as another term as in he’s back motivated and more focused on making his music. But then he talks about getting all these women and what he could do for them since he got his juice back. The other artist in the song rap about how much money they have and how it never going to end. Then  they talk about how other are going to hate because the level of success they have achieved. But in the beginning of the song in the intro he says ” Look at the sh**  we doing motivate yo self” but if you keep listening to the song it’s the kind of song to where you think there trying to be motivational but it’s really a rub in your face type song. They use their success to discredit others for what there doing. But of overall as the tempo and the beat goes it’s a great song. I aslo feel it is very well produced and it kind of give off a trap music vibe.





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