Nasty C- Black and White (blog post 1)-Resubmission

Nasty C

Within the African Hip Hop community, there are many artists who hail from the main countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, etc. However, people seem to overlook the country where a lot of talent in Hip Hop hails from: South Africa. One of the biggest artists today from South Africa happens to be Nasty C

Born David Junior Ngcobo, Nasty C is a hip hop singer-songwriter and producer from Cape Town, South Africa who became the youngest recipient of a South African Hip Hop Award in 2015 after winning the Best Freshman Award. He has a well known single called “Way It Go” and a popular remix to his single “Juice Back.” He started rapping at the age of 9.He started releasing music independently in 2014, releasing more than 3 mixtapes. In March of 2020, he signed with Def Jam Recordings. Shortly after, he released his first Album, “Zulu Man with some Power”.

The 2020 music video for his song “Black and White” featuring Ari Lennox Directed by Kyle white gives off a soft R&B vibe with a Hip Hop edge to it. The video features a couple who are in two different countries away from each other, Nasty C being in South Africa and Ari Lennox being in Washington D.C.. The couple is texting back and forth throughout the video,  showing the oceanfront side of South Africa and the lookout point of D.C. Nasty C raps on the first verse, expressing his love for the woman he can’t be with right now, telling about all of the things he would do for her if he was with her. Ari Lennox(who is featured on the track) sings on the second verse, which brings a more vulnerable, loving R&B feel to the song, mentioning how much she loves her man and how much she misses him. Overall, It’s a very chill vibe song with a sequence of love in it.

Black and White (Feat Ari Lennox)-Music Video

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