“Nairobi” by BURUKLYN BOYZ

In the BURUKLYN BOYZ’s single “Nairobi” the artists address the adverse impacts of the construction of the Nairobi Expressway and skyscrapers on their community. This song is being used to start a discussion on how the government is leveling communities down for this construction and not thinking about the effects on the people. Throughout the video, the audience is shown the skyscrapers, construction, and scaffolding. These visual images are used to tell their story of how they view the damage being done to the neighborhood. This breakout song has brought attention to Kenyan drill music and has essentially put it on a platform for all to see. 

Drill music is known for being distinct, aggressive, heavy with 808s, and contemporary. The BURUKLYN BOYZ are calculated with their execution of words and lyrical abilities. Their ability to coast over a dynamic and vigorous beat is insane – this is what makes these rappers different from everyone else. No other artist addresses political, social, and real-life issues in their music while delivering it over hardcore drill beats. By combining English, Sheng, and Kiswahili, they are defying convention and defying the idea that they are merely drillers. In recent years, many new artists have incorporated drill sentiments into their music while grounding their lyrics in their national and cultural disparities. 

Rappers, Mr. Right, and Ajay make up the potent hip-hop duo BURUKLYN BOYZ. Both are impactful in the music industry, which makes them a dangerous and addictive combination. They were born and raised in Buruburu, a neighborhood of Nairobi that serves as both the artists’ namesake and a source of musical inspiration. Another way the duo represents their hometown of Nairobi is through their music, which combines Sheng (a Swahili dialect) and English. The use of drill is well-known, and BURUKLYN BOYZ are widely regarded as the best in Kenya’s drill scene.

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