Representation is central to the art of hip-hop and rap. In BURUKLYN BOYZ’s 2021 single “Nairobi” they do just that. BURUKLYN BOYZ are a powerful hip hop duo made up of rappers Mr. Right and Ajay. Both rappers have also had success in the music industry, making them a powerful mix. They grew up in Nairobi’s Buruburu making the city a source of inspiration in the artists’ music and being their namesake. The duo’s raps utilize both Sheng (dialect of Swahili) and English in their music, another way they represent their home of Nairobi. BURUKLYN BOYZ are known for their use of drill and are considered as many to be the best in Kenya’s drill scene. 

Their song “Nairobi” was the hit that launched the duo to stardom. Months after its release it amassed over a million views. The song embodies BURUKLYN BOYZ’s style through it’s elements of a drill beat and Sheng. But the song goes beyond a captivating drill beat as it also addresses the negative impact that the new construction of the Nairobi Expressway and skyscrapers has on their community. All artists that are memorialized and considered legends are those that had spoken out in the face of adversity. BURUKLYN BOYZ use the song as a platform to talk about how the government has been tearing down neighborhoods for this construction and damaging communities. The music video highlights the lyrics by following the BURUKYN BOYZ through Nairobi with shots of them on scaffolding, the skyscrapers, and construction. Art is about using your craft to portray your values and perspective which is something that the BURUKLYN BOYZ have been continuously succeeding at. If you like “Nairobi” check out their album “East Mpaka London” and look out for their collabs with other big names like Octopizzo and Silverstone Barz.

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