N Word REMIX x Ice Prince (ft. AKA)

The N word remix was a really Americanized song in my opinion or a song with a lot of US hip hop influence. Besides the fact that it was in English, his video style with the usage of sexy women, cuss words,red solo cups, pit bulls and even his flow resembled more US hip hop artists more so than African Hip hop artists I’ve heard over the past few months. I really enjoy this video because there are a lot of fun things taking places and its easy to “bop” to. I also like that there are some references that were easy for me to understand like talking about American presidents, and famous clothing lines so it was easier to follow along with. I also appreciated that it was the remix as well because the collaboration with other artist made the video to appear more “turnt” and AKA versus corresponded nicely with the flow of the song. The song title was very interesting for me because I it left room for plenty of interpretation before actually listening.

I was previously under the impression that African people or artists and things do not like or don’t consider themselves to be “niggas” so to hear this song where its essentially nigga, nigga, nigga, I’m wondering if it’s from wanting to merge over to the US popularity realm because that word is used to frequently and with many different connotations in American hip hop as well as just between African Americans in general. Or if the N word i now just something that is universal.

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