My two cents on the song “TEGA TEGA” by DJ Lee

She goes by the name DJ Lee (Etege) which is the Ethiopian language (Amharic) equivalent of Princess. With her unique style of rap combined with her appearance, DJ Lee is making a name for herself in the Ethiopian Hip-hop platform. Even though she has worked as a DJ at multiple night clubs in Addis Ababa for years, she just recently showed up to the stage as a solo artist.

Majority of the population in Ethiopia considers her to be a boy. Since she dresses as a man and her hair shaved so low. People have concluded that she has a lot of subliminal messages in her lyrics. Dj lee does not try or does actually in reality tries to get a cross any kind of message that is worth a controversy in her music. Most of her works are basic. As in a beat to dance to if you ignore the lyrics.

The song that I have decided to promote to the stage today is “TEGA TEGA” by DJ Lee. Lee tries to advice girls of our generation to hurry up get cuffed up as in get engaged before its too late. This is the irony in this song. I honestly used to like her because she looked different and stood for something when everyone is not. I though she is the example of females defining their own beauty. No more long and silky hair instead short and low fade. No more nice skirts and stilettos instead just pair of pants with a timberland. No more shy and submissive instead confident and non-submissive. But she proved me wrong in this song by advocating the idea that women are pretty much nothing without a man in their life. The song as a nice beat to it but hard to listen to the lyrics clearly.

Please find the link to the youtube video here and enjoy the song.

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