Muthoni Drummer Queen’s Power

Women have faced oppression and suppression for centuries across the world. This is reflected in the hypermasculinity and the portrayal of women as sexual objects, gold diggers, and dependency on men as common themes in the Hip Hop genre. However, these narratives have been challenged by women MCs and rappers in their lyricism and artistry. Kenyan rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen is one of them. Not only does she challenge the societal stereotypes and expectations placed on women but she also uses her lyrics for female empowerment. The perfect example is her song “Power” from her 2021 album “River.” One of her powerful lines translates in English to “what I won’t do is argue with idiot busy bodies like you, those who think a bra is a weakness, it’s better I speak less, we are the power.” Because of the patriarchy, women have to be twice as confident to be taken seriously. However, as women’s voices are a threat to patriarchies, they are discouraged. In the music video for “Power,” there is imaginary of female ancestors being subject to torture and beatings which Muthoni’s conveys that the song is for, thanking them for their work to help women get where they are today. The violence that has been inflicted on women in the past and present, especially in the context of colonialism’s impact on African women. That’s why work like Muthoni’s art is so important to honor those who have suffered and sacrificed so that we could have the power that we do now. The music video ends perfectly with a quote from the artist herself that reads “we dedicate power to the many women who organize and resist oppression, break molds and defy stereotypes, forge paths and occupy space. We will not let them erase you.”

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