Mostswana Bostswana: A.T.I

A.T.I is currently Botswana’s most celebrated Hip Hop artist today. Born with the name Atlasaone Molemogi, the 28-year-old has been celebrated and highly appreciated as one of the few Mostwana Hip-hop artists.

He was the main attraction at the 2017 Botswana Music Awards, where he swept the board with six of his gongs.
He did not slow down in 2018, with endless bookings, which saw him share the stage with renowned international artists such as Davido, Techno both from Nigeria, the legendary Salif Keita and Billy Ocean.
ATI was earmarked as one of the headline performers for the upcoming Gaborone International Music festival, which takes place in the capital on September 1.
Organisers of the show have since confirmed the star performer’s absence.

Recently though, he has been forced to cancel bookings, with his manager only saying that he is battling to overcome a condition, believed to be depression.
ATI will be at an undisclosed facility in South Africa for two months, as he battles to overcome his condition. He will begin accepting bookings in October.

The music video above is one of A.T.I’S top tracks. In this music video, he exemplifies the pressures that they face as young men in Botswana. The states and shows that his mother would want him to attend school, Get a degree, Get a good job and basically live better instead of being on the streets and hustling. 

In the start of the video, it shows him drinking and performing acts that oppose the life that his mother and other people would like him to live. He then Included both lifestyles at the end and demonstrated how he can do both 

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