Moozlie: The Young Queen

Official Music Video “I’m a Star” by Moozlie

Moozlie (Nomuzi Mabena) is a 28-year-old rapper and television presenter born in Gauteng, South Africa. As a young woman, Moozlie modeled for many impressive fashion lines and participated in pageants. While striving for a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences at the Varsity College in Sandton, she won the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search. This achievement sky-rocketed Moozlie’s career in the entertainment industry. With this win, Moozlie was regularly featured on Club 808 with Mo Flava and Dineo Ranaka. In 2017, Moozlie left her previous record label and started her own label: Nomuzi Mabena Music (under SBR Projects Agency). 

The Throne Mag
Moozlie on the cover of The Throne magazine.

Despite the hardships with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Moozlie released a new single, I’m a Star, in May 2020. While I’m a Star focuses on her hometown of Benoni (with mention of “ben city”), it showcases the impressiveness and reality of female hip hop artists in the South African hip hop scene. In the South African hip-hop scene, the industry is largely male-dominated. Oftentimes, female emcees, rappers, and artists are “pitted against one another”. The unique and misunderstood experience of a female rapper is highlighted in lines such as “They act like they know, But they dont know” and “Hating on me? Why they hating on me?” Furthermore, as hip hop reflects the “social realities of societies from which it emancipates from,” the South African hip hop scene often showcases the objectification of women and glorification of violence against women, as this is the unfortunate norm in South African masculinity. Moozlie challenges this cultural norm in I’m a Star by stating “I’m self-made, I’m self-paid,” highlighting her independence and individuality. Lastly, Moozlie is a strong supporter of sex positivity, often normalizing female sexuality through her clothes, dances, and lyrics. Beyond South Africa, it is a universal expectation for women to refrain from sexual actions and desires. Moozlie disregards and combats this unrealistic expectation, as women have similar sexual desires as men and should not remain sexually “pure” solely to fulfill societal biases.  

I'm A Star by Moozlie on Amazon Music -
Single Cover of “I’m a Star” by Moozlie

Throughout the entirety of the I’m a Star music video, Moozlie is the only female featured. She flashes her luxurious clothing, jewelry, and accessories. This combination of singularity and prestige embodies Moozlie as an artist. Her headstrong, independent, and courageous personality transcends through the screen. Moozlie continues to inspire young women to ignore societal standards and does not “Give a f*ck if you dont approve.” Moozlie’s success has only just begun and truly is the “Young queen and repping ben city.

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Moozlie’s music is available on: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Deezer.

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